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A Visit to Tuscany

This summer, Chef Masood had the honor of working alongside Chef Valeria Piccini, of the famed three Michelin Star restaurant; Da Caino located just two hours outside of Rome in the picturesque region of Tuscany. He also had the pleasure of visiting the Banfi Vineyards. There he tasted all of the new varietal blends that they will be bringing to the States. We at Da Mimmo are very excited to have brought these recipes and wines back for: An Evening in Tuscany at Da Mimmo.


Da Caino Restaurant located in Montemerano, Italy

Dining Room of Da Caino Restaurant

Chef/Owner Valeria Piccino in the
Da Caino kitchen with Chef Masood

Chef Masood makes pasta at Da Caino

The road that leads to Banfi Vineyards

Chef Masood tours Banfi Vineyards

Entrance to Da Caino Restaurant

Maurizio Menichetti, owner of Da Caino in their extensive
wine cellar holding a bottle of 1922 Sassicaia

Chef Masood cooking in the kitchen at Da Caino

Dr.Francesco Legaluppi, Consul General of Italy, Mary Ann Cricchio and Chef Masood present the owners of Da Caino with recognition from the Restaurant Association of Maryland for futhering the Italian Culture and Cuisine in the United States.

Castello Banfi


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