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 Little Italy Baltimore Maryland MD
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Mary Ann Cricchio

Mary Ann Cricchio, F. M. P., a Native of Baltimore, Community Activist
and Organizer, Coalition Builder, Enthusiastic Supporter of Baltimore and its Hospitality Industry, Industry Representative/ Spokesperson

Leadership Roles:
Board of Directors for the National Restaurant Association
Past President of the Restaurant Association of Maryland
President of the Little Italy Restaurant Association
The Governor's Work Force Investment Board
Past Chair of the Governor's Board of Tourism
Board of Director Baltimore Area Convention & Visitors Association
Mayor's Bicentennial Committee, Culinaire of the Chaine des Rotisseurs Vice Counselor, Mayor's Night Life Task Force Committee

Awards and Honors:
Governor's Award of Excellence (1998)
Academy of Travel and Tourism Professional of the Year (1997)
Award from the Restaurant Association of Maryland (1996)
Outstanding Service and Dedication Award from the Chaine des Rotisseure(1997)
DiRoNA Distinguished Restaurant of North America Award (1999)
The National Restaurant Association Good Neighbor Award (1999)

Professional Experience:
Owner/Operator of Da Mimmo Italian Cuisine (1984-Present)
Responsibilities include general operations.
Marketing Director, Dining Room Manager, Banquet Coordinator, Bookkeeper
President Il Mondo, Inc.
DiRoNa 1999-2008

Loyola College of Baltimore (1978-1982), Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Loyola University in Rome, Italy (1981), Concentration in International Finance and Italian Language
Seton High School of Baltimore (1974-78), High School Diploma

Professional Training:
Certified Food Service Management Professional (F.M.P.)
Education Foundation National Restaurant Association (1996)
School of Wines and Spirits, Quality Brands, Inc. (1990)

Special Skills:
Speaks Fluent Italian

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