Italian Restaurants Little Italy Baltimore Maryland MD
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Little Italy, 217 South High Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Italian Restaurants Little Italy Baltimore Maryland MD
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Amalfi Coast Tour

Your Ticket to Paradise

2017 Tours:
June 24-July 4
September 9-19

Browse through the pages of the Da Mimmo Amalfi Coast Tour Book 2012 compliments of extraordinary talents of Katharine Friedgen.
Click here to view the book

Amalfi Coast 2012 September Tour:
Click  to view breath taking photos by Katie Friedgen of Da Mimmo customers as they enjoy 9 glorious days with Proprietor Mary Ann and Chef Masood. Friend Da Mimmo Mary Ann on Facebook and view her Amalfi Coast daily log of photos, including gastronomic meals.

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Da Mimmo's Italian Restaurant in Little Italy, Baltimore offers Italian Restaurants. Located in Little Italy, Baltimore. MD

Italian Restaurants Baltimore's Little Italy | Italian Restaurants Baltimore Maryland
Italian Restaurants Little Italy Baltimore | Italian Restaurants Little Italy Baltimore MD

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